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Accelerate Growth for Your Business & Career

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About the Program:

Product-led Leaders is an elite invitation-only program that brings together rising stars of PLG and experienced PLG executives to create the next generation of PLG CXOs.

Through intimate networking and virtual roundtables, Product-Led Leaders will:

  • Learn new techniques from top brands and CXO guidance
  • Build relationships with emerging talent and elite executive peers
  • Change the way leading brands think about and execute PLG

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Join a tight-knit and highly exclusive group of PLG practitioners passionate about accelerating growth not only for their business but for their career.

Get access to leading executives, learn from top PLG brands, develop skills with a network of your peers. Position yourself for an executive role at any growth minded company.

You need to be nominated and complete an application.

Who we are looking for:

We seek members with an experimentation and growth mindset, who are data-driven, love technology, and are very hungry to learn from and teach others.

This is not a passive participation, we are looking for those willing roll up their sleeves and springboard their careers.

The recommended title range is from Sr Manager at a large company to marketing , growth or product VP. Having managed a team is not a prerequisite. Leading a cross-functional team is a big plus.

Get access to top-tier talent, PLG thought leaders and of course access to other execs leading the way in our space. These spots are by invitation only.

Network with the best

  • Network with fellow execs
  • Meet rising stars who could one day join your team
  • (Optional) Mentor up-and-coming talent

Learn PLG’s Latest Best Practices and Tools

  • Learn from rising stars doing the work and adopting new techniques and tools
  • Learn what your peers do 

Why Join

1.  Network with the best and the brightest

  • With leaders vetted for their PLG experience, passion for and openness to learn
  • With executives at leading PLG brands
  • At virtual and in-person, invite only events

2. Grow in your Product-Led Growth Knowledge

  • Small group discussions with PLG execs and experts
  • Topic-based best practice sharing sessions

3. Get career leadership and guidance

  • Career advice from panel of CXOs
  • Tips on team building and talent recruiting
  • Access to top job openings and new opportunities

Meet the Execs

François Dufour

Partner and CMO in Residence

Decibel Partners

>> LinkedIn Profile

Leigh Merrigan Moore

VP, Growth Marketing


>> LinkedIn Profile

Alex Poulos

Chief Revenue Officer


>> LinkedIn Profile

Anita Pandey

Chief Marketing Officer


>> LinkedIn Profile

Raj Sarkar

Chief Marketing Officer


>> LinkedIn Profile

Shanee Ben-Zur

Chief Marketing Officer


>> LinkedIn Profile

Marie Gassée



>> LinkedIn Profile

Adelyn Zhou

Chief Marketing Officer

Chainlink Labs

>> LinkedIn Profile

Tatiana Afanasyeva

VP of Marketing


>> LinkedIn Profile

Amanda Malko

Chief Marketing Officer


>> LinkedIn Profile

Gaurav Agarwal

Chief Growth Officer


>> LinkedIn Profile

Sample Program Schedule

Week 1

Welcome & Meet Your Peers

Virtual - 90 min

Week 3

Exec Lecture / AMA

Topic: Product Line-Up & Tiers

Virtual - 60 min

Week 6

SF Meetup & Dinner

In Person - 120 min

Week 9

PLG in Action

Case Study: Twilio

Virtual-60 min

Week 12

Exec Lecture / AMA
Topic: Building PLG Tech Stack

Virtual - 60

Week 15

NYC Meetup & Dinner

In Person - 120 min

How to Join

  • Click the apply now button at the top of the page.

  • Fill out out and submit application.

  • All applicants will be vetted by a panel of executives.

  • If accepted we will email you with details and start date.

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